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If your faith feels stagnant…


By His Grace, you will be planted by the Water of Life.



If your faith feels dried up…


By His Grace, you will thirst no more.



If you feel like you are caught in a storm…


By His Grace, you will know Peace.


My name is Victoria Grace

We’re all very busy and the web is an over-stimulating place, so I’ll cut right to the chase. If you are looking for a polished, professional Christian with all of the neat and tidy answers, this site is not for you.

If you can relate to a woman who yells at her kid to stop talking to hear her favorite Praise and Worship song, then you are in the right place.

Yup, I’ve literally done that.

I’m not perfect, but Jesus is, so By His Grace, I keep going day by day. My life has been full of challenges- some of them quite overwhelming. For many years, I ignorantly allowed the enemy to steal the joy and peace that Jesus died to give me, but I’m learning that because Jesus already defeated Satan,  I can too.

My breakthrough came when I began to understand the paradox that victory comes through surrender to the One who already won the war. Now my passion is to help others do the same.

You can read more about me at My Story: Victory Through Surrender


The Marriage of Study and Application

I”m an overly-emotional bookworm so my site is the marriage of my ongoing search for knowledge and practical application.

A better understanding of Scripture draws me to the Author of Life. We all know that Scripture can be hard to comprehend, so I do word studies to help me understand what the text is really saying.  You can learn a little about word studies here.

In the story of Satan’s fall, Revelation 12:11 tells us that the angels “triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony“.

I’ve seen this same victory play out as Christians share their testimonies with one another. A testimony doesn’t have to be a grandiose story of redemption. We all live out our testimonies day by day, from one breathe to the next. You can learn a little more about what a testimony is here.

I share my testimony on It’s a safe place where women share the love that Jesus died to give us all – even the women who do not-so-holy things while wearing their favorite cross necklace. You will find all of my testimonies here.

My testimonies will be accompanied by a relevant word study, and I marry them together on By His Grace.

I look forward to sharing the treasures from my word studies with you, along with the sincerity of my testimony. I also invite you to share your stories and questions with me.

I pray that God will use this site to help us live every day By His Grace.


My Story: Victory Through Surrender



Tell me Your Story…

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I am an author for and the editor of Dr. Patrick Oben‘s book “The Devotional Life: Your Key to a Spiritual Life with Results“. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and teenage daughter, along with three rabbits and a guinea pig.