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Leaning on God to Trust in His Creation*

Confessions of a Christian with Anger Issues*

When Sharing Your Testimony Leaves You Feeling Exposed…*



My Story: Victory through Surrender

My personal testimony of how God delivers me from fear to freedom every day.


photo of a water drop on a leaf

How to Feed Your Spirit

Did you know that some snakes only need to eat once per year? …

It’s fun to fantasize about the convenience of setting aside one day per year to nourish your body, but the reality is that, without daily bread and water, your body will grow weak and tired, wither away, and die at the first symptom of the common cold.

Yet, this is exactly what many of us do to our spirit.



Discover Whose You Are

Do you know the difference between who you are and Whose you are? I’d like to share my very personal journey to discovering what it means to be a child of the Almighty Living God. Just like many of you, Satan very cleverly set the stage to help me define myself.



What I learned About Prayer, Satan, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit

What Jesus has taught me this past year to help prepare me for next year and for the years to come.



Forgiveness: How to Give to Others as Jesus Gave to You

Let’s talk about the proverbial “F” word of the Bible: Forgive. Go ahead, say it; try not to choke. Does the very thought light a red-hot flame of self-defense? Find out what I’ve learned about the Biblical truth of forgiveness.



Discover the Great “I AM”

Whether you are looking for a Comforter, a Teacher, a Healer, a Rock… The Lord says: I AM. Join me in remembering the Lord’s first recorded act of the New Covenant—comforting a woman was who was every bit the hot mess that I am.



What the Little Drummer Boy Teaches Us About Christmas

Are you sure that you’ve exchanged gifts with everyone?

What did you get for the One who gave you life? You could at least get Him a coffee mug for all the late nights He spends carrying your burdens… OR… You can take a tip from one of my favorite Christmas classics: The Little Drummer Boy.


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