Tell Me Your Story…

The Bible tells us that our testimony has power.

We all have stories of what God has done in our lives, and of what He continues to do every day. We know that God uses our stories to work in other people’s lives.

But only if we share them.

I know this isn’t easy, so if you’d like to share your story, but you’re feeling a little stuck, I’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps I can be your practice run to help you muster the courage to share with others.

Maybe you’d like to bounce around a few ideas to help you share your message.

Or you can share just for the sake of sharing.


Can I do a word study for you?

My experience has taught me that word studies reveal a lot about Scripture and helps me understand. Is there a word or verse that you’d like to understand better?

I’d love to do a word study for you or teach you how I do them.


Tell me how God is using By His Grace in your life, or how He may use me in yours.

Whether you want to share a story, learn more about a particular Scripture, share comments or questions about a post, or just say Hi, I’d love to hear from you.

I pray that God is using this blog to empower you to live By His Grace. The words I write are from my heart to yours for the Holy Spirit to use according to His will.